Cell Planet Phone Repairs, We Repair Cell Phones, Tablets & Computers.

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  • Award Winning Customer Service

Get your Cell Phone, Tablet or Computer Repaired in confidence. We service thousands of devices monthly and take customer service very seriously as the core of our business.

  • Super Fast Turn Around Times!

If your local to one of our many stores on average repairs take 30 minutes to 1 hour for repairs. Our Mail-In service is close to being as impressive with same day repair and return shipments offered.

  • We Take Privacy Very Seriously!
Privacy is very important to us and your personal or private information will never be compromised in any way. You can trust that when you send your device to us it is landing in the hands of a certified professional that will ensure your belonging will return back as close to new as possible.      

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~North Houston, Heights, Downtown~

Cell Planet Phone Repairs -

1777 Airline Dr. Suite C, Houston Tx 77009

713 868 4000
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~ Hwy 6 & Katy Store ~

& Mobile Electronics Repair

4025 Hwy 6, Houston Tx 77084

832 618 1331